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The website contains pictures and photos of professional digital artists. I scan homepages of digital artists all over the world for interesting artworks and publish the best ones on the site.

Also, I developed web applications with HTML5 features support – Slideshow Player and Desktop Wallpaper Tool that I think could be useful to you.

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About Digital Art Gallery

There are thousands of various digital art galleries, forums and communities all over Internet that unite art and design related people together. Such sites publish artworks of both newbie digital artists and famous digital art “monsters”.

Often artworks of the beginner artists prevail, and to see professional artworks only one needs to filter out newbies’ artworks first. And it may take a while since from my experience approx 90-95% of all artworks are newbie’s artworks (and the percent of beginners among photographers approaches 95-99%).

Each such site covers only a part of digital artists. And digital artists in their turn only publish a part of their works at each digital art gallery. Not to mention the language barrier that makes it difficult to see artworks of artists from foreign countries.

I needed a website that could present all professional digital artists from all over the world. I wanted to have a way to present all their new and old artworks together in one place. I didn’t manage to find such site, so I created Digital Art Gallery Online – the site you’re browsing now.

I look at every single art gallery on the Web, check the portfolio of famous and not so famous artists and simply track news. Basing on the best pictures I’ve found that way, I compile thematic galleries: portraits of beautiful girls, fantastic landscapes, monsters from computer games, deep space photos made by Hubble telescope and so on.

Web Applications Digital Art Gallery

Desktop Wallpaper Tool

Desktop Wallpaper Tool

This is a simple web application with HTML5 features support that allows you to quickly create a desktop wallpaper of any image. If the screen resolution doesn’t match with the resolution of an image, that image is automatically cropped to your screen resolution.

You can also install the extension for Google Chrome browser to create desktop wallpaper from images found on the web.

Slideshow Player

Slideshow Player

Look through pictures and photos automatically loaded from digital art gallery in the fullscreen mode. Save your image view history and create own custom galleries. And it doesn’t use Flash technology, so it will work under most platforms that support JavaScript, including mobile browsers.

To provide the most convenient fullscreen view I manually select images and crop them to different resolutions and screen ratios (16:9 and 4:3 currently) .

About Digital Art

Visual art drew the human sight at all times. Perhaps, this is because picture art and photo art help a man to see the surrounding world in a new way. An artist with his works makes us to see the world completely different, not the way we are used to. May be this is why we like to attain art exhibitions and galleries. What could be better than pleasure your eyes with beautiful images, unordinary landscapes, non-typical approaches in pictures and photos of our favorite artists?

Our digital age gave creative people the unique possibility to put their ideas into a graphic form with the help of computer programs; it gave them infinite experimental possibilities as well. No wonder digital art has started to develop rapidly. Thousands of artists decided to give it a try and to test their strength in that field. At the same time, alongside with digital art, the very first digital art galleries have started to appear on the Web, offering us the possibility to admire pictures and photos of favorite authors as well as to see the work of young artists.

Recommended Browser

I recommend using Google Chrome browser to view digital art galleries. It has demonstrated the best results while displaying pictures and photos in high resolutions, up to Full HD (1920x1080). It significantly passes ahead all other competitors.

No problem, if you don’t want to use Google Chrome for some reason. Slideshow Player works at any other modern browser including Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera and others. However, if you use an outdated browser (for example, Internet Explorer 6), you might experience some errors during the playback, or slideshow player interface glitches.

If you’re using Internet Explorer 6 or 7, you can install the Google Chrome Frame plugin and thus get the modern Google Chrome browser right inside your old one. Conveniently, the Google Chrome engine activates only if a page requires its capabilities, for all other pages the old browser engine is used. Therefore, you will keep the backward compatibility of web pages with your old browser.

Newest Photos Digital Art Gallery

The panorama shows the most recent photos added to digital art gallery. I pick out the most interesting photos from the digital artists’ portfolio. It is new photos every day. Use next link to view photos in the digital art gallery sorted by the date of adding to the gallery. Photos are displayed page by page.

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  • Еще немного о Риме Photo  (rome, tree, car)

    Еще немного о Риме Digital Art Photo

    Размещу-ка для разнообразия цифровую фотографию. :) Подсмотренно на Римском форуме этим сентябрем.
    rome, tree, car
  • Где время замедляет ход.. Photo  (architecture)

    Где время замедляет ход.. Digital Art Photo

    Январь 2008, г. Каменец-Подольский Iso 200, f 9.0, 1/60 sec , fl=17mm (17-40 L). Желательно смотреть на черном.
  • В танце вечерних огней Photo  (czech republic, prague, architecture)

    В танце вечерних огней Digital Art Photo

    Вид на Танцующий дом, Прага Архитекторы: Френк Оуэн Гери и Владо Милунич Продолжение Пражской серии Выдержка 13 секунд F/16 ISO100 Tokina 12-24/4
    czech republic, prague, architecture
  • До новых встреч, Вьетнамская Сказка! Photo  (vietnam, hanoi, temple, lake)

    До новых встреч, Вьетнамская Сказка! Digital Art Photo

    Да, до новых встреч! И, как показала дальнейшая жизнь, эти встречи, к моей радости, состоялись ещё не раз. ...Фрагмент островка на Западном озере (Hồ Tây Lake, Хотэй), на котором находится одна из старейших и наиболее известных вьетнамских пагод Chùa Trấn Quốc (Тюа-Чанкуок). Фактически на этом островке размещается целый храмовый комплекс с прекрасными статуями (в том числе с позолоченной деревянной фигурой Будды).
    vietnam, hanoi, temple, lake
  • Repost wide edition Photo  (surf, girl, bali, indonesia)

    Repost wide edition Digital Art Photo

    2007 september / bali / indonesia *** Это репост, но улучшеный по качеству, и немного изменен формат. *** Океан вызывает во мне бурю чувств и эмоций от блаженного спокойствия до безумного восторга! Его мощь просто завораживает, а дикие необузданные волны пугают и манят одновременно. *** Однажды прогуливаясь по берегу океана, заметил пару милых серфингисток, которые отчаянно боролись с трехметровыми волнами. Решил понаблюдать… Забрался в океан по пояс в одежде.
    surf, girl, bali, indonesia
  • _Лестница, которой не было_ Photo  (armenia, ruins)

    _Лестница, которой не было_ Digital Art Photo

    Известная крепость Амберд(Амберт) на южном склоне горы Арагац(Армения). Когда я был там в 2004 году этой лестницы не было, и всякий желающий мог спуситься по почти отвесному склону, цепляясь только зубами за воздух............И таково положение было почти везде в Амберде. Сейчас же это место интенсивно цивилизуется, не одна такая лестница там.. снято камерой А75
    armenia, ruins
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Newest Pictures Digital Art Gallery

The panorama shows the most recent pictures added to digital art gallery. I pick out the most interesting pictures from the digital artists’ portfolio. It is new pictures every day. Use next link to view pictures in the digital art gallery sorted by the date of adding to the gallery. Pictures are displayed page by page.

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  • Venice Mask Picture  (2d, portrait, mask, colorful, festival)

    Venice Mask Digital Art Picture

    Study done for personal practice and skills improvement (non commercial) Photo Reference based on the work of Gabriele Guerra
    2d, portrait, mask, colorful, festival
  • Sakura Drops Picture  (2d, portrait, girl, flowers, woman, pink, sakura)

    Sakura Drops Digital Art Picture

    It's springtime again and the cherry blossoms are  blooming. This is something I painted to herald the arrival of spring.
    2d, portrait, girl, flowers, woman, pink, sakura
  • Simson S51 Picture  (3d, motorbike)

    Simson S51 Digital Art Picture

    Simson S51, 3dsmax 9, vray 1.5, photoshop cs2
    3d, motorbike
  • "Winter" concept art Picture  (2d, fantasy, witch, mage)

    "Winter" concept art Digital Art Picture

    "Winter" concept art. Painted in Photoshop.
    2d, fantasy, witch, mage
  • The last eagle Picture  (2d, fantasy, indian, america, girl, woman)

    The last eagle Digital Art Picture

    Hey people this is my last work. i hope you enjoy it.
    2d, fantasy, indian, america, girl, woman
  • Autumn Picture  (2d, fantasy, autumn, girl, woman)

    Autumn Digital Art Picture

    2d, fantasy, autumn, girl, woman
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